Jan 14, 2010

From Bahamas to Prague

      It was about midnight on Sunday night when I was going back to an apartment I was staying in that night in Prague. Snow was falling tirelessly since the day before so walking from the bus stop to the apartment building area in my high heels was quite an adventure on its own. As I walked along in the empty silent streets, I noticed a guy. I got scared at first, as I haven't seen or hear him to walk behind me. We started to talk, in English - right away, both anticipating a foreigner in the other.

       The walk was quite long and I became suspicious about the same path we were both making through the snow. I haven’t questioned it but 10minuts later; when we actually ended up in front of the same door of the same building I did feel uncomfortable. By that time, however, we left English entirely behind and spoke fully in Czech with some added phrases in Spanish.

      Inspired by this man from Bahamas fluent in Czech, shivering in a snowstorm in the middle of a night in Prague, I took some photos of Gustavo.

      After we said: 'Nice to meet you!', 'Mucho gusto!' and 'Rada jsem Te poznala.' we both entered the same apartment building. When we entered the same elevator and got of at the same floor, it was getting weird.. After some awkward smiles and thoughts (who is following who?) we learned that our apartments were actually right next to each other. In this area with hundreds of apartments, yes, we were neighbors, after all..

      We saw each other’s keys then and left the “stocking” idea behind. We both became exited about this coincident, waved to each other from our balconies and talked our life stories over bottle of wine till even later time of a night.

      Reality won fantasy over that night and as the snow kept falling, the world felt so small and so cozy.

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