Feb 18, 2013

Absent Road

   When we arrived to what I now call "small puddle of mud" and I questioned my colleagues about the ability of the car we were in to pass through it, they answered, half annoyed, "just wait."
    And so I did, to see what was coming, not a road but valley of mud with 4 large trucks filled to the top with goods and people stuck in the most "juicy" part of it.. They'd been there since the previous night and were more than ready to move on.
    Mostly with no shoes they carried the goods from the trucks across the mud to ease the weight of the truck with the hope that it would move more easily ... It didn't..
    The drivers of our car seemed to know the routine and without a word got out, grabbed some ropes and hooked them to the trucks, trucks that where 5 times bigger than their Jeeps. And I was thinking to myself how kind of them to try to help but how sad, this will just not work..
    Well, I do not know anything about cars and I guess it will only be appropriate of me to not make predictions.. ( hurts to be wrong..)
    So within an hour they elegantly (yes mud can be quite elegant) pulled those truck monsters out of that disaster.. If there is something I do not get impressed by, it's cars.. I was today..
    However it would be much more impressive if that road would get fixed so that the Congolese who don't have any other option than travel by it regularly don't have to get stuck there constantly overnight or even longer and to get to their destination without such trouble..


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