Feb 26, 2013

"One Billion Rising"

 a global rally that took place on Valentine's Day all around the world was organized by V-Day an activist movement calling for an end to gender-based violence.
     The event in Bukavu in The Democratic Republic of The Congo was attended by thousands of people from the local community, as well as officials and a delegation from the US.

     "We are tired of being called the world's capital of rape," Christine Schuler Deschryver called to the crowd. She is the Congo director of V-Day and director of City of Joy. She was one of the speakers at the Bukavu event along with Eve Ensler who started V-Day 15 years ago.

     Another speaker was doctor Denis Mukwege a local hero who is the founder of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu where his specialty is support and treatment of women who have been brutally raped.  "I have taken care of women who were 3 years of age and were raped and I have seen 90 years old who experienced the same, we have to end this.."

     Dr Mukwege was attacked in 2012. His guard was killed but he and his family managed to escape. He now continues his work in Panzi for the women of the Congo who love him and need him..

Dr. Mukwege is rising his arm for "One Billion Rising" calling for the end to the violence.

Dr. Mukwege is hugged by a woman from the crowd after his speech.

Governor of South Kivu Marcellin Chishambo (left) with Dr. Denis Mukwege

Eve Ensler (right) the founder of V-Day.