Mar 22, 2013

World Water Day

    The key to cholera prevention is clean water.

    In South Kivu, cholera has been a problem for years.  Action Against Hunger International (ACF) set up projects focusing on water sanitation which I documented in the past weeks. 

    There are multiple ways to treat water to prevent cholera from spreading and causing sickness in the local population. The quickest way is to use a few drops of chlorine in lake water to make it immediately safe to drink. Volunteers from the region at locations along the lake shore offer free chlorine treatment to people who come to collect water.

   Another way to reduce the instances of cholera is by building water fountains that provide clean water without any treatment. The challenge with this approach is that not everyone will have equal access to this water; some live close by while others have to walk long distances through the hills to reach the clean water point.

    In addition to providing access to uncontaminated water, ACF teaches local communities about simple habits that can be incorporated in their everyday lives to prevent contamination of
their water sources. 

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