Apr 21, 2013

From Above

     The time came to get on the United Nations helicopter flight from Bukavu to Shabunda territory. The fact that a helicopter had crashed few days before didn't inspire confidence in us to get on board.  However, as my colleague said: "Based on the statistics, helicopters never crash twice in the same week, so we are good to go." 
     Just a few passengers and piles of cabbage, along with other, mostly food items to be delivered to the town traveled along with us. Roads to any larger "city" from Shabunda are not suitable for transportation so locals rely on regular deliveries by planes or helicopters. It costs $1.5 per kilo to bring stuff from Bukavu to Shabunda, which even further raises the cost of goods here. 

    There aren't really any other options at the moment as local resources are limited (especially when it comes to medication), so the transport and the related costs are unavoidable. 

     As complicated as this area is, with endless challenges everywhere, (more information in future postings) it certainly has some of the most pure and breathtaking landscapes.


  1. I want to get your personnal adress. I am mr Antoine from ACF Shabunda

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